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Leaky faucet repairs save money!

Five simple ways to cut costs by reducing water usage.

Reducing you water bill can be as simple as a 15 minute walk through the house with only a wrench and a screwdriver. Many times the first thing people tell you to do is take shorter showers and to not run the faucet while brushing your teeth. What we want to point out is that you can reduce water usage without changing your lifestyle. Whether it’s a simple leaky faucet repair or easily ensuring that your toilet isn’t running, these tips should help you reduce your water usage.

  1. Toilet run through: Check the toilet to make sure it’s not running water through constantly. If it is, adjust, tighten or clean the fittings.
  2. Toilet water level: While you’re checking for water run through, take the time to adjust the water level in the tank a bit. Most floats have an adjustment screw at the valve end. Tighten it up to lower the float.
  3. Low flow shower head:  This takes more than just a wrench.
  4. Leaky faucets: Check the entire house for leaky faucets. If you find any, make the necessary adjustments with your wrench and/or screwdriver. A simple leaky faucet repair or fine tuning is a simple measure that can go a long way. If you can’t stop the leak,  you may want to replace it or make a more substantial repair. Many faucets can be repaired by buying a kit to replace the washers and valve.
  5. Washing Machine: Check to see it your washing machine has variable water levels for smaller loads. Start using the lower setting and see if you notice a difference.

If you are really serious about cutting your water usage, then taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth are additional options.

Go from "how do you set a toilet?" to I'm setting the toilet!

How do you set a toilet?

There are a lot of do-it-yourself home projects, but without a guide to tackling these manageable home endeavors it’s easy to get out of sync. Have you ever asked the question, how do I set a toilet, knowing that it’s probably basic enough for you to handle without the help of an expert? We’ve provided the basics below with the understanding that saving money and providing useful tips is just as valuable as anything in our business. You don’t have to wrestle with the “how do you set a toilet” question again, just follow the simple steps!

First you’ll need to collect the necessary items

  1. Wrench
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Scraping tool. (for removing the old wax on the base)
  4. New toilet
  5. Wax ring
  6. Someone with a strong back

Now that you’re ready to begin, you should check to see if you can be without a toilet for about an hour.

Here it goes!

  1. Close the water valve
  2. Flush and drain all the water from toilet
  3. Disconnect the water line
  4. Remove the decorative caps on the base to expose the bolts or nuts
  5. Remove the bolts or nuts
  6. Carefully lift the old toilet off of its base and remove it. Be sure to lift straight up.
  7. Clean the old wax off the base with the scraping tool
  8. Install new wax ring
  9. Carefully install the new toilet by setting it straight down on the wax ring
  10. Assemble the tank and float as per the instruction included with the new toilet kit
  11. Assemble all the things you disassembled earlier
  12. Check all of the fittings for leaks

Enjoy your new throne.